New gas pressure boost installation in Tabriz.

The export of 60 million cubic meters of gas to Turkey is now possible with the operation of new gas pressure boost installation in Tabriz. ...
The second phase of gas pressure boost installation of Tabriz began to operate with the goal of increasing the capacity of this station from 24 to 60 million cubic meters per day on the week of Government and with the presence of the Deputy Minister of oil and the Governor of East Azarbaijan.
“This project is executed to increase the transmission capacity of gas for covering the consumtion demand in north west part of Iran, higher exportation level to Turkey and Armenia and for implementation of swaps between Islamic Republic of Iran and republic of Azarbaijan and exportation to republic of Nakhchivan” said gas transmission operation manager of regional eight Mr. Yadollah Baybordi to SHANA reporter.
He added the first phase of facility was formerly working with three turbo compressore devices and capacity of 24 million cubic meters per day at 2+1 mode and 36 million cubic meters per day at 3+0 mode for gas transmission to north western cities of Iran and export of gas to Turkey, American and Nakhchivan.
He noted this design was defined as EPC project and has the possibility of transferring 60 million cubic meters of gas daily at 5+1 mode.
According to him, the use of electromotors instead of gas turbine is one of the first big projects in the National Iranian gas company, which was successfully accomplished at Tabriz installation utilities with the efforts of Iranian specialists and experts.
The gas transmission operations manager of regional eight mentioned for the first time in the history of gas transmission company the driving force of phase 2 units has been an electro compressor type and in order to provide 24 MW power requirement of this electro compressor a power substation of 132/11 KV with two units of 40 MVA transformers was dedicated from 132 KV power lines of Sardrood-azar power substation.
Managing Director of Iran gas transmission company estimated the project cost to be 20 million euros of foreign currency in addition to 188 billion Rials.
He said “all the auxiliary equipment used in the construction project was provided by domestic manufacturers and contractors.
He mentioned the advantages of this project and said “quick and convenient system setup in comparison with turbo compressor, less depreciation of equipment considering the removal of hot parts and prevention of air pollution are some of the most important benefits of this project”.
With the launch and operation of gas pressure boost installation development plan of Tabriz, the capacity of gas transmission in the north and north western Iran including 40-inch line of Tabriz-Bazargan, 30-inch pipeline of Tabriz-Armenia, 36-inch and 20-inch pipeline of Tabriz-Miandoab and 24-inch pipeline of Tabriz- Tsuj-Urumieh will be doubled compared to the previous amount.
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