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About Us.

Chagalesh Consulting Engineers is a private company founded in Iran in 1981 by a group of professional managers and engineers with extensive experience in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

Our History.

In 1997, Chagalesh was qualified by "Iran’s Management and Planning Organization" as a design-build contractor in the oil, gas and petrochemical fields and since then has successfully completed several projects in these fields through various types of contracts including EP, EPC, EPCC.

Lessons Learned Sys(LLS).

At ‍Chagalesh,we learn from our experience to improve our management systems, processes and practices in various areas such as: project management, engineering, procurement, construction,quality management and QHSE.The following diagram briefly depicts the concept of our lessons learned system

Our Facility and Human Resources

Highly qualified manager, specialists, engineers, technicians and support personel and cooperate with each other to drive any project we undertake to success.

We are capable of expanding our expert workforce capacity as required and have access to our affiliated companies, subcontractors, freelance specialists when needed, to meet our commitments.

Currently 300 engineers, technicians and other staff are working in Tehran offices and project sites.

  • Total Man-Hour per Year
  • total Employees
  • office space in Tehran (in m2)
  • warehouse space in Ahwaz (in m2)

We Have engineered and managed

  • Completed Basic design and F.E.E.D
  • Completed Supervision & (MC)
  • Completed EP
  • Completed EPS
  • Completed EPC
  • Ongoing EP Projects
  • Ongoing EPS Projects
  • Ongoing MC Projects

Our People

Highly qualified managers, specialists, engineers, technicians and support personnel interact and cooperate with each other to drive any project we undertake to success. Our people work in a friendly environment, have many opportunities to learn and grow, and adhere to Chagalesh core values and professionalism while performing their duties.

Organization Chart

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

Chagalesh Integrated Management System (IMS), pertaining to quality, health, safety and environmental management, has been established to ensure that all the engineering, procurement and construction activities of projects comply with the requirements of relevant QHSE standards including OHSAS 18001, ISO/TS 29001, ISO14001, and ISO9001. As these standards are updated in the course of time, Chagalesh IMS accordingly is updated and enhanced.
All acquired certificates, including OHSAS 18001,ISO/TS 29001,ISO14001, and ISO 9001 certificates are continually updated based on AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation) periodic auditing.


What was the problem?

In many cases, the crude oil that flows out of a newly drilled or a workover- performed oil production well is initially excessively sandy and acidic. Prior to 1999, this kind of crude oil used to be burnt in the burn pits and thus wasted for the first few days until crude oil with properties acceptable for feeding to production units was produced. However, while the crude oil was being burnt in the burn pits the resultant smoke caused serious air pollution, environmental damage and local aviation problem.

Innovative solution

In 1999, Chagalesh innovated,designed and built the first Mobile Oil Treating (MOT) package to solve the problem. Since then, through designing and producing several MOT packages , the following achievements have been earned:

  • Protection of the environment
  • Elimination of the aviation problem
  • Saving thousands of crude oil barrels annually
In this regard, Chagalesh received 2005 Kharazmi Scientific Festival Award for Innovation.

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