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The Mobile Oil Treater (M.O.T) is project that keeping the environment and national invests is necessary. This assembly have a potential of treated the oil results from new drilling or repaired well and gained it to the standards  of Iranian national oil company , and  processed this product until be ready for delivering to operational factories.

Before this technology, for example, the first exited oil while well drilled or repaired, the produced oil combined with drilling mud or chemical materials and remained useless. So it’s burned in fuel hole. This work depend on well type continued for two days and as a result only destroy the Iranian invest and polluted the environment. The “chagalesh consulting engineers “ with responsibility and worried about it, acted to feasibility study of the first series of Mobile Oil Treater (M.O.T) in (1373) 1999 and ordered by oil ministry. Then after done the fundamental drawing, part by part designing and assemble this parts, make it ready for operation. This group included with 4 depended trailers of dipping salt, separator containers and pressure reducing valve, auxiliary unit and the room of control and resting the operators.

Undoubtedly, this collection is as a superior example of Iranian engineering ability and the family of “chagalesh“ by using the last and best methods and engineering process standards, mechanical , Instrumentation engineering, piping and safety related to ability of supplying and manufacturing the requirements and then running experiences, teaching and operation, Quite native of “chagalesh consulting engineers“ and Iran industry honors. This important step has been working in the southern zones of the country for many years and has proved its good potential. It’s necessary that, from first series of the mobile oil treater till now, three devices has been manufactured with ability of 50 operation in year in various zones. The “chagalesh” consulting engineers in (Ordibehesht) May of (1383) 2004, in accordance with the agreement and cooperation with the oil-rich regions of South, under the contract of construction, ownership and operation, and in accordance with the sense 0f responsibility, has undertaken a lot of changes to optimize the mobile oil treater, which ended in the second generation of series with a higher performance. Another honor which made surprise the oil companies by ability of saving with six months delivery (in January (Day) month of the similar year).

The characteristics of the second group included with better production, ease of operation, and faster activity, by inscription the incredible record of 6 operation in month.Mobile oil treater (M.O.T), somehow is the most enviable project that has been done in the “chagalesh” consulting engineers.Prevent of burning exited oil from drilled or repaired well in fuel holes.is an uncatchable wishes in past, but its change to real with technical knowledge of the “chagalesh” consulting engineers.There is no doubt that saving at least one million barrels of crude oil per year and, consequently, preventing environmental pollution is an honor for the “chagalesh” family.

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